2 from 2 for Junior LGFA

Div 5 League LGFA Boardsmill 5-5 Vs Wolfe Tones 4-6; it was the Wolfe Tones ladies who started this game strong and at one stage we’re winning 3-01 to Boardsmill’s 3 points. Boardsmill came out strong in the second half and showed that never say die attitude & pride in the jersey with a huge comeback to end up winning by 2 points in the end. Unbelievable performance from 1-15 and that’s 2/2 wins for this mixture of young and experienced panel.


  1. Georgia Lawlor
  2. Niamh Newman
  3. Soricha Coogan
  4. Niamh Mcevoy
  5. Mae Fahy
  6. Hannah Kealy
  7. Emma Murray
  8. Hayley Kennedy
  9. Kate Mcevoy (1-0)
  10. Toni Hannon (1-0)
  11. Claudia Durkan (2-5)
  12. Izzy Cloak
  13. Wendy Farrell
  14. Katie Hackett
  15. Kym McGrath (1-0)

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