When one considers the small rural base we come from on the outskirts of Trim town an area of about 4 by 3 miles it is amazing what this community has put in place for our youth. Thanks to the foresight, dedication, hard work and amazing generosity we have a club that everyone can be proud of.

It is widely recognised that our Club was formed formally in 1944 and officially affiliated to the County Committee at this time. We celebrated this fact in 1994 with our Golden Jubilee which was attended by approximately 400 people. Despite this we have been told that teams representing and calling themselves Boardsmill played hurling a lot earlier than this; some said 1910, others said 1918 while more said late 20’s. This was all hearsay until recently we came across some information that led us to research those earlier years. We did not find any teams representing Boardsmill in 1910, however we did find that in 1912 we were beaten in the Meath Hurling Championship by our near neighbours Kildalkey. During this time there was only one hurling championship, the junior was not introduced until about 1917. With these facts maybe we should be celebrating our centenary next in in 2012!

In 1913 we played in the Semi Final of the Hurling Championship and our actions had no major bearing on who won that championship. At that early period of the GAA we were recognised as a hurling club and we were represented at County Committee level and also games were fixed for a Boardsmill venue on a regular basis. Our representatives on the County Committee in those early years were P. Newman and M. Hoey. We had a strong panel of players in 1918 getting to the Junior Hurling Championship Final, where we were beaten by Trim. We were again very active in the mid 1920’s and early 1930’s. A gap appeared in our participation in the years from 1937 to 1944 and maybe because of that we had to formerly apply for affiliation in ’44. We won our first Championship in 1947 by claiming the Junior crown. We had to wait until 1956 for our next junior title. That team went onto bring our first Senior Hurling Championship to the Club in 1958 and completed a double by winning the other important hurling competition at the the the O’Growney Cup.

Football commenced in about 1956 but in 1957 a very important step was taken with the setting up of an under age in the Club. This decision by Peadar Lehane and Tommy Murray was the simgle most important step in putting down a foundation for the future of the Club and led to many successes at under age and adult levels in the years ahead. The O’Growney Cup was won again in 1960 and the Senior Championship followed in 1964 also. A Junior Football Final was reached in that year also however Boardsmill were beaten on that occasion. There was a marvelous run of success at under age level all through the 1960’s – Under 14, 16 and Minor with 5 Under 21 Titles claimed in a row.

It was the 1970’s that the Club reached it’s peak at adult level. Four Senior Championships were won with three of them in a row 1973, ’74 and ’75. Two Leinster Senior Hurling Semi Finals were also reached in this period each time been beaten by Sy. Rynagh’s of Offaly.Also in 1975 we won the Junior Hurling Championship, Minor and the ladies won the Junior Camogie Championship. We were declared Club of the Year, which was a great honor to the Club. Following our last win in 1975 we still many near misses in losing semi finals and finals.

Another Junior Hurling Championship was won in 1986 but from then on our competition edge started to slide and we ended up Intermediate. We won the Intermediate Final in 1990 with great hopes on going on to win another senior but unfortunately this did not materialise. Again we went back to Intermediate and won this again in 2000 with the same hope of a senior in mind, however again we were left disappointed.

Under age were always working hard and a really good bunch of players were winning competitions and a good period of success was had during the 1990’s. An Under 14 Hurling Championship was won and with it was our first under age football competition.It just did not stop at one but a good number of success were achieved during this period. This laid the foundations for a really good football team at adult level which was to bring the first adult Junior C Football Championship to the Club in 2002. This was followed by the Junior B a few years later. we spent a few years in a Junior A narrowly missing out on the play off in the first year. We are now back at Junior B and hoping to build up again with some very good young players coming through.

If is the same with our Hurling side in the Club. A number of good years at senior level after our Intermediate win in 2000 ended with a regrading in 2009. We reached the Intermediate Final in 2010 only to be beaten by a late goal in injury time. We hope that this will be a better year for us and maybe we will be back in the senior ranks again by the end of the year. Some very good young players are coming through thanks to the under age Committee’s hard work.

Our Pitch

From playing our games in various farmers fields such as Dillonw’s, Flood’s Rafferty’s, Hatton’s, Deveney’s and over to the Mason Estate in Kilmurray were we have now settled our roots by purchasing 10 acres from the Land Commisson in 1975. We officially opened our dressing rooms and beautiful pitch in 1984 (Centenary Year of the GAA). We bought another 12 acres developing a second full size pitch with room for 2 under age pitches and a hurling wall.


Camogie always featured in the Club and a marvelous bunch of girls won the Senior Championship three times in a row back in the mid 1960’s. since then a number of junior titles have been achieved the latest in 2010. Underage in the Camogie has become very strong due to a determined under age committee.

Ladies Football

The recent drive within the GAA for Ladies Football has seen a very strong Club emerge in Boardsmill again driven by a very determined committee. a lot of under age competitions have been won and the progress to adult had been dramatic with junior and intermediate championships along the way. They are now at Senior level for a few years now and are making their mark getting to the semi finals of the championships and the finals of the league culminating with a Feis Cup victory in 2010.